Autentification and guarantee certificates

Adorri® offers exceptional diamonds at great value. But we understand that you are making a major purchase. In addition to providing expert guidance, we want you to be completely confident that your purchase is safe and secure. Adorri® guarantees the quality of our stones.

Adorri® purchasing-guarantee certificate given to you at purchase time indicates you the quality type of the gold jewelry and its weight, the diamonds 4 C's and the other eventual precious stones weight. Included you find also the guarantee conditions and the main care instructions for precious stones jewelries. The purchasing-guarantee certificate should never mention the price. This is a first sign that something is wrong. The price can be eventually in an appraisal certificate, issued by authorized entities.

A Diamond Grading Report that is an independent verification of the stone's quality is issued always by an independent diamonds gems certification institutions against a fee of the gem value, increasing the diamond jewelry final price, but being an additional guarantee. A Diamond Grading Report documents more detailed the diamond's unique characteristics. Performed by an independent gemological laboratory, the report examines and identifies the 4C's -cut, color, clarity, carat weight-plus finish, fluorescence and symmetry. The gemologist may add comments for further identification.

All of our diamonds jewelries sold in Adorri® stores which are above 0.20 ct are sold with a Diamond Grading Report. We encourage you to request and review the Diamond Grading Report prior to buying a diamond at any store in any market or country.

Certificat de garantie si autenticitate diamante