How to buy a diamond


Diamonds is the love insurance! Diamonds is forever! Diamonds is the symbol of love and eternity!

Before everything we should clarify the most important aspect: what's the difference between diamond and brilliant and from where the confusion comes. Diamond is the generic name of the rough stone, the unpolished and not cut yet mineral rock extracted by mining process. Brilliant is one of the cut shapes given by a cut specialist after an in-depth analyzing of many aspects, which is finally set or not in jewelry. Eventually, the rough stone can be decided by the cut specialist not too be necessarily the "brilliant" shape. The confusion seems to have been aroused in time due to the initial better spreading and appreciation all over the world of this shape, because of its excellent "fire"

The best faceted brilliant, which became the most famous shape, known also as "round brilliant", or simply "round" was standardized by Marcel Tolkowsky back in 1919, by indicating the ideal number of facets to 57 and the ideal proportions and cutting angles. Tolkowsky did his work especially for the diamond and this is why when one talks about "brilliant", a specialist knows that it's about the diamond mineral and somehow mentioning "diamond in brilliant shape" sounds as a kind of pleonasm. Thus, mentioning for example sapphire with brilliant cut is necessary.

It worth to know also that the diamond, as chemical composition is purely carbon, but its crystallized in the cubic system, giving him the highest toughness on the Mohs scale, 10, being followed by rubies and sapphires with 9. In ancient times was sought that if you hit a diamond with an iron tool the iron will break apart, which was wrong and proved to destroy the diamonds. Still, diamond remains the toughest natural known material. Scientists argue about how diamonds were formed, but still all agreed that it was formed down in the planet's nucleus, at extremely high temperatures and pressure, where carbon can not crystallize in graphite but in cubic system as said earlier in diamond. The kimberlitic level, at more than 1 km bellow ground level is basically where the diamond is nowadays found.

Through out the millenniums diamonds were tried to be polished and cut to gain more sparkle. The necessity of cutting and polishing came from the diamond ability to reflect and refract light, so by getting more facets and placed well the light could go inside the stone and then reflected back giving out the so called "fire" or sparkle. The better the "fire" of a stone is the higher the price is too.