About Adorri®


Adorri® offers you the widest range of models options and greater value for the purchased stones than other stores. Along with the convenience of shopping with service quality for quality jewelries, we offer also:

  1. More options through a bigger models stock, and the possibility to order from the over 4,000 models, exceeding the selection of any store;

  2. Greater availability of high quality stones at the correct price point, in correlation with its quality;

  3. The possibility to order any Adorri® model with another stone, from stock or based on order;

  4. The possibility to personalize free of charge any model by selecting a stone or the finishing;

  5. Education on how to buy a diamond or how to select a stone;

  6. Diamonds electronic testing at cash desk, before buying;

  7. After-sale services exclusively for the Adorri® customers (minimum once a year professional jewelry cleaning, stone setting check, gold parts re-polishing);

  8. The ability to create precious stones gold jewelries based on the customer model;

  9. The possibility to sell, based on order, any diamond size, quality and cut or other precious stones, due to the international business connections;

  10. No emergency fees applied.

Adorri® short history

In the year 2000, in a full transition times of Romania and business ideas searches of many younger Romanians, two such younger, husband and wife, decides following a trip in Switzerland to found theirs own company, named Diamond Consult, looking into gold jewelries, initially 14 Kt., with precious stones, mainly diamonds, business specializing. The reason to start-up with 14k gold jewelries first it was given by the lower price jewelries offer considerations, more appropriate for that time. Following the visited big international jewelries houses etalon, Diamond Consult set from the very beginning as its goals that the jewelries range offered, as well as its services level to its customers, the merchandising and its after-sale services to be at the same level and beyond, adding an local flavor to these high standards.

The so far short history was nevertheless very dense. Between 2000 and 2004 it was full of experiments, on going adjustments to the market requests, even unbearable partnerships inevitable for such an intense start-up, but very rapidly and efficiently overcome, leading to current high level standards comparable to any international known standard of this business. The recognition of these standards are coming from our local customers, as well as from many foreign customers.

Initially Diamond Consult opened in February 2000, after almost 1 month from its founding, its 1st store, on the high-street of that time Calea Victoriei, vis-a-vis of the former Hotel Bucuresti. This store of immediately appreciated by the customers, mainly by the connoisseurs, not only for its unique offer of that times gold jewelries market based exclusively on diamonds and other precious stones, but also due to the another premiere of being the 1st Bucharest diamonds jewelries store that made the first steps on how to buy a diamond education. The education was made through out detailed leaflets and very extensive and professional explanations given by the company's sales consultants, which were very carefully selected and trained in this respect. Later on, all these business details, along with the diamonds tests proved to all customers with electronic testers made out of the Diamond Consult jewelry store a safe shopping destination of all customers who desired to buy a diamond or precious stone jewelry, building also the fidelity platform for our company customers.

Given the fact that the Romanian market was emerging very rapidly, and so our customers' needs, our company looked into new solutions of customer satisfaction and adjustments to the market needs. So, in the year 2004 creates a new concept, even better, based this time on 18 Kt gold jewelries, with the most outstanding level of finishing and an improved quality of its diamonds and precious stones offered - the short pioneering time was over, the new technology and international quality level was just launched so the new concept's Quality-Services-Price ratio to be the best one in the market and much more appreciated even by the existing customers. At the same time it was launched the Adorri® brand, becoming registered trade mark during the same year. The new concept was offered for the first time in the Adorri® store opened in the Plaza Romania mall of Bucharest, on October 2004, opened even nowadays.

The new Adorri® concept was created simply as a comprehensive definition of the brand of those who adore jewelries-precious stones of the highest quality, offered at a same high level, for a correct price.

Adorri®'s logo statement is "Love insurance" for the ones who adore and love precious stones jewelries or for those ones who, to prove or insure someone else's love needs a precious stone jewelry.

This new concept's platform was a new partnership, extremely fruitful from its very beginning, with the Romanian gold jewelries with precious stones producer - Gemstones Bijou - whose collection gather more than 4,000 jewelry models, with the highest quality precious stones offer in the Romanian market, benchmarked with the international market prices level for the respective quality and the highest level of finishing and setting quality offered through out the local producers.

Therefore, the current Adorri® jewelries collection offered is a limited edition generally, giving a certain exclusivity level to any offered model, as the same model is pretty rare offered again in the store, but having new attractive models at all time out of such an extended models range.

Any Adorri® offered model may be produced in relatively short time with any precious stone, with any gold color, with any kind of finishing, thus polished or matte, being at our customer decision in case one model of the offered ones does not match its desires.

The most requested stones are, of course, the diamonds, mainly the round brilliant shape, but recently other shapes are requested too, followed randomly by sapphire, emeralds, rubies and pearls. Although are not really stones, nor precious stones, Adorri® offers the widest local gold jewelries with natural pearls, as models, as sizes and up to the pearls color variety - from white to yellow, green, blue, grey and black pearls.

Extremely important for Adorri® are also the free of charge after-sale services offered to its customers' bought jewelry only, such are: at least once a year jewelry inspection, the professional cleaning of the jewelries, mainly of the stones, re-polishing of the gold parts - if necessary - when it was wore intensively and small-fine scratches makes the gold glittering looking poor etc.

The wide variety of jewelry models, the high quality precious stones, diamonds electronic testing, the quality certificates, outstanding finishing, the correct price, selling-counseling services and the after-sales services provided makes out of the Adorri®-Gemstones Bijou the most correct and most efficient offer, as the highest value for your money on the Romanian market.

Currently the Adorri® offer is available in the Bucharest store, in Plaza Romania mall, at the ground floor level, and starting with this fall season in 2 new stores: in Bucharest - Baneasa Shopping City mall, at the 1st floor and in Constanta - City Park, at the Lake level.

We are looking forward to welcome and to serve you at our Adorri® stores!

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Being one of the Romanian premier precious stones 18K gold jewelry shop chain, Adorri® is offering excellent quality diamonds and other precious stones jewelries at exceptional value. Our staff had been trained based on the most valuable and updated courses, being best level sales consultants. These essential aces lead to our highest level offer and standards in the market.

Our jewelries' diamonds are of certified known origins and sources. With no exception, all of our diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free.

Our offer of over 4,000 jewelries models with diamonds and other precious stones is updated on permanent basis in order to offer to our clients the best value and the most current styles. Since our company founding in 2000, also nowadays the brand name stores Adorri® has remained committed to customer satisfaction through education and customer service.

ADORRI® — social and humanitarian solidarity (Social programs)

Adorri demonstrates solidarity with humanitarian and social causes and supports financially the following organizations and persons:

Centrul de Consiliere si Terapie pentru Copil si Familie supporting initiatives for:

  1. Children with scholarship difficulties, social difficulties, inter-relation and behavior disabilities;

  2. Parental support for their children profound understanding, parental counseling for preventing their children's social disorganization and relational disabilities;

  3. Adults and teenagers counseling;

  4. Education professionals aid for children's education, care and assistance;
Str. Occidentului nr. 44, Sector 1, Bucuresti (zona Piata Victoriei) Tel: 310.89.06, 318.85.81, 0745-526.104, 0726-102.412

You can also help!

One low income family from village Cosoba / Sectorul Agricol Ilfov

Providing regular aid for this family and their 8 years old daughter, consisting in toys, clothes and money. Easter and Christmas aids are supplementary.

In 2003 their daughter suffered at 5 years old a boiled water burn, being hospitalized and having skin replacing surgery. Mother is unemployed and father is masonry in construction works.