Essential notes on precious metals


Derived from the Latin for "white and shining", silver entices with its sophisticated sheen. Like gold, it is too soft in its purest form and cannot be used to make jewelry. Copper is the most frequently used alloy because it is very effective in adding durability to silver.

argintSterling silver is a mixture of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent copper. Silver is not designated with a karat weight; sterling silver is considered 92.5 percent pure.

Silver's "sin" is that it does tarnish and it gets black hue during relatively short time if not wear, although frequent wear will minimize tarnishing. Often silver takes on a "patina" or finish that results from the contact of the silver with the person's unique skin chemistry.

For the above mentioned reasons silver is never used to set precious stones with, but eventually, even though rarely, with semi-precious stones. The highest risk is not the eventual strange association between the expensive precious stones and this cheaper precious metal, but in fact the risk is that the precious stones might easily get loosen and lost from the silver setting, due to silver's softness. From this perspective silver is really not safe.

Given silver's lower cost it is a leading metal in fashion jewelry, by the produced and sold quantities.

In some cases, craftsman experiment with new and innovative designs in silver that are later duplicated in the more expensive gold and platinum.

Adorri® store does not offer any silver jewelry, thus consider important to mention this metal precious too.

Silver is popular with people who like a more casual look, but needs more intensive care to preserve its initial shine.