Frequently asked questions

1. What is the karats quality of the Adorri® gold?

Adorri® offers only 18 karats gold jewelries, exclusively set with diamonds and precious stones only.

2. What is the origin of the Adorri® diamonds, gold and the other precious stones?

Adorri® stores jewelries are set only with "conflict free" diamonds and precious stones carefully selected, with a high quality aligned for it correct price. They are originated from the precious stones most specialized markets like Anvers, Bangkok and Tel-Aviv, while the gold is Italy originated, being first quality always.

3. Where are the Adorri® jewelries manufactured?

Adorri® is proud that its jewelries offer is 100% manufactured in Romania with specialized Romanian manpower too, based on imported raw materials, from sources of highest quality trust. This is possible thanks to great partnership with the famous Romanian producer - Gemstones Bijou. Therefore, our quality is competing equally with the highest known international standards.

4. Is Adorri® accepting jewelries orders based on the customer's gold raw material?

Adorri® is not encouraging this ordering manner because it can not offer full guarantee over the finished jewelry regarding the gold quality, which will not be anymore 1st quality. Also it can not offer the guarantee for the manufacturing, nor for the stone setting.

5. Is Adorri® accepting jewelries orders based on the customer's stones raw material?

Adorri® is not encouraging this ordering manner also, because it can not offer full guarantee over the finished jewelry and can not offer the guarantee for the stone setting, during and after the manufacturing.

6. Can I place an order for an Adorri® model, but with other stones than the ones presented?

Any presented model from the Adorri® offer can be, in principle, done with other precious stones than the ones presented, from stock if available, or based on pre-order.

7. How long it take to finish an order?

The manufacturing process is a complex of some intermediary steps carefully supervised till the final high quality jewelry masterpiece is obtained. Usually not more than 2 weeks, but in many cases it can take less than that.

8. What is the Adorri® diamonds quality?

Adorri® jewelries' offer contains only diamonds with quality certificates, specifying clearly all the stones main characteristics. Usually, the commercial offered quality is XXXX, but we can offer based on pre-order any type or quality stones desired, in a relatively short delivery time, thanks to great partnerships on the international market.

9. Is Adorri® offering quality certificate for its jewelries' precious stones, other than the diamonds?

Every single jewelry is sold with a quality certificate from the producer, in which are specified the main characteristics of the precious stones, other than the diamonds.

10. Can I order the man wedding ring without diamonds?

Adorri® is sharing the ancient tradition according to which, both wedding rings of the couple should be identical and once the lady wedding ring is enriched with diamonds that are confirming with theirs eternal sparkle the love flame of the couple, Adorri® strongly recommend that men weddings rings to keep at least 1 diamond.

Still if it is requested other wise, Adorri® will obviously respect its customers desires and will manufacture the man wedding ring without diamonds.

11. What we can do if the size of the Adorri® purchased ring is not the right one?

Once the ring is purchased with the gift-giving scope, so the beneficiary couldn't check the size before purchasing, Adorri® offers the free of charge guarantee for the size modifying of 1 size or the full model remanufacturing, by using the same stones, on condition that the ring was not wore and does not have wearing and scratches traces. Still, if this prerequisite guarantee principle is not respected the ring size can be modified against a fee that usually is not very high amount, varying just on the model complexity.

12. Where are the Adorri® stores situated?

13. What are the Adorri® jewelries guarantee period and conditions?

On condition to respect all the care instruction, safe wearing recommendations and storing made by the producer for the gold jewelries with diamonds and other precious stones sold by Adorri® , you have a life time guarantee, while the legal guarantee is 12 months from the purchasing date.

Any guarantee inquiry we solely accept it based on the jewelry, its original box and guarantee certificate offered at the purchase time.

14. Who are the diamonds "replacements" and how it can be distinguished from the real diamonds?

Adorri® sells only natural diamonds, with legal origin from conflict-free countries and only with quality certificates. Still, it can be sometimes found in the market some diamond replacements, sold as false diamonds.

The most tricky and known replacement material for diamond is the moisanite that can only be detected with special electronic testers that can detect moisanite electrical conductibility, which is different than diamonds.

Some jewelers are using sometimes white sapphires because are cheaper and can be sold higher priced as diamonds, "forgetting" unfortunately to specify it, but can also be detected with the electronic testers that are having a weaker reaction on sapphires than for diamonds.

But the most common and frequent used materials for gold jewelries or cheaper silver jewelries are the zircon, natural stone, or zirconium, artificial stone. Both have a huge disadvantage coming form their low hardness and as such it becomes very shortly after purchase matte, scratched and tarnished, loosing its "fire" from the purchase moment in just a few days.

Famous companies developed high quality crystals that can imitate diamonds cuts and aspects, but will never be able to copy the most unique gifts of the Mother Nature: its fire and sparkle, its highest hardness and as such its durability over time and obviously, its growing value in time.

Therefore, the diamonds inclusions are the most appreciated and natural "certificate" of its originality. Adorri® performs for every sold diamond jewelry the electronic testing which is the surest guarantee test.

15. Who issues the diamonds certificates sold by Adorri®?

To ensure your peace of mind, Adorri® offer diamond grading reports issued only by leading independent and international recognized gemological laboratories.

16. Do you have a catalog that I can request?

We do not produce a catalog, the collection being extremely wide, of approximated 3,000 models. All of our extensive selections are either available on our Adorri® stores stock or listed on We are constantly expanding our jewelry and diamond inventory and always include our new selections online.

17. What is the difference if I would decide to buy from Adorri®?

Adorri® gives you more options and greater value than other stores. Along with the convenience of shopping with service quality for quality jewelries, Adorri® offers additionally:

  1. more models choices through an extensive inventory, wide models variety, exceeding the selection in any store;

  2. greater availability of correct quality stones at your price point;

  3. the ability to customize any Adorri® purchase by choosing a stone and a setting, from stock or based on order;

  4. education on how to select a stone that you can refer to while choosing your diamond;

  5. diamonds electronic testing at cash desk, before buying;

  6. free shipping for the online orders;

  7. urgent manufacturing fee missing;

18. What if I can't view the Diamond Grading Report for my selected diamond jewelries online?

Contact Adorri® and we will e-mail or fax the report to you.