Famous diamonds and precious stones


1. Golden Jubilee

  • World's biggest known diamond - 545.67 carats;
  • The diamond with the biggest number of facets - it was cut by Gabi Tolkowsky, the most famous cut specialist;
  • Golden Jubilee was offered in 1997 to the Thailand's King 50th Anniversary since he became a king.

2. Incomparable

  • World's 3rd biggest diamond and the biggest one of USA;
  • 407.48 carats;
  • It was cut from an initial rough diamonds of 890 carats;
  • It was discovered in West Africa.

3. Spirit of de Grisogono

  • 312.24 carats;
  • World's biggest black diamond;
  • World's 5th biggest diamond.

4. Centenary

  • World's biggest diamond of D clarity;
  • 273.85 carats;
  • It was cut by Gabi Tolkowsky.

5. Millennium Star

  • 203.04 carats;
  • World's 2nd biggest diamond of D clarity.

6. Tiffany Yellow

  • World's biggest yellow-brownish diamond - 128.54 carats;
  • It was discovered in the De Beers mines, in South Africa in 1877 and later was acquired by Tiffany and set in a famous broche.

7. Koh-I-Noor

  • Though is not the world's biggest diamond, with only 105 carats, is maybe the most known diamond, having a very old legend, very complex and with controversies on many states' history;
  • Some sources indicate its over 5000 years existence, but the first written evidences dates back in 1304;
  • His name can be translated as "The Mountain of Light", and the initial diamond had 186.06 carats;
  • His origin is from India and after belonged to various Indians and Persians rulers, which fought during history for this diamond, than later in 1852 it became property of the British Crown, where it is still nowadays;
  • In 1852, Prince Albert asked to be re-cut and to obtain a better "fire", but after the final result, when it came to 105 carats, still the Prince was not satisfied;
  • The legend says that the man who owns it will have only misfortune or even death, while, on the contrary, is a women will posses it, it will have only luck.

8. Star of the Season

  • 100.10 carats;
  • It was sold at Geneva for $16,548,750 and became as such the world's most expensive traded diamond.

9. Briolette of India

  • 90.38 carats;
  • It is supposed to be the oldest world's diamond, even older than Koh-I-Noor.

10. Kimberly

  • 70 carats;
  • Champaign color;
  • It was found in the South Africa's Kimberly mine;
  • It was cut again in the current shape in 1921 from the initial stone that belonged to the Russian Crown.

11. Taylor-Burton

  • 69.42 carats;
  • It was cut by Harry Winston, New York;
  • In 1969, Cartier jewelry house from New York acquires it for $1,050,000;
  • Next day it was bought by Richard Burton for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor and so it was named Taylor-Burton;
  • It was than sold by Elizabeth Taylor in 1978.

12. Nur-Ul-Ain

  • One of the biggest pink diamonds in the world - 60 carats;
  • It was discovered in India and later was set in the tiara by Harry Winston in 1958;
  • Tiara a fost creata de Harry Winston in 1958.

13. Black Orlov

  • 67.50 carats;
  • It's called black diamond due to his dark metallic color;
  • Named after its owner of the mid 18th century - Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov (some are calling it Orloff) - later was set in a Russian Crown scepter.

14. Star of South Africa

  • 47.69 carats (initially had 83,50 carats);
  • Originated from din South Africa;
  • Also very famous and with a very dense and intrigued history.

15. Hope

  • 45.52 carats;
  • It was found in India in the 17th century by the famous French traveler and gems expert Jean Baptiste Tavernier;
  • It is the world's most intense blue color diamond and the 3rd biggest blue diamond - some tests were performed on this diamond to identify the chemical elements which gave its unique blue color;
  • The legends says that it comes from an Indian temple idol's eye.

16. Dresden Green

  • The most famous green diamond;
  • 40.70 carats;
  • It was named after the Dresden Castle were it was exposed during 1768 - 1942.

17. Wittlesbach

  • One of the most appreciated blue diamonds in the world;
  • 35.56 carats, and a diameter of 24.40 mm;
  • It comes from India.

Other famous precious stones


1. Star of India

  • 563,35 carate;
  • The world's largest and most famous sapphire - cabochon with asterism;
  • Discovered 300 years ago in Sri Lanka.

2. Broche with the Logan sapphire

  • 422.99 carats;
  • Found in Sri Lanka;
  • The biggest set stone from the USA's national collection of precious stones.

3. Pendant with the Bismarck sapphire

  • 98.6 carats;
  • Found in Sri Lanka;
  • It was set by Cartier.


1. The Emerald Patricia

  • 632 carats
  • It can be viewed at the Natural History Museum of New York;
  • This stone was considered "too perfect to be cut".

2. Necklace with the emerald Mackay

  • 167.97 carats;
  • It was discovered at Muzo in Columbia;
  • It is the biggest emerald of the national collection of precious stones of USA;
  • It was created by Cartier Inc.

3. Ring with the Chalk emerald

  • 37.82 carats;
  • One of the biggest Columbian emeralds.


The Delong Star Ruby

  • Cabochon with asterism;
  • In 1964 the Delong Star ruby was stolen by the famous thief Jack Murphy;
  • It was later bought-back for $25,000.