Adorri® on-line ordering policy

No-spam policy (Privacy policy) has a very strong and clear privacy policy against any spam tentative, by which we dully confirm that will never use by any form the customers private information for sending or facilitating to any third parties the unrequested messages (spam) and also it does not encourages this type of messages, excluding also any association with any entities that might use or follow such practices.

The customers may decide upon their own will, with no influence or any violation from if they wish to register to any of communication offered manner, such are Newsletter, Facebook, e-mail or any other communication manner offered by the site.

Although, ordering online it is not the most optimal jewelry ordering way, because you will loose the feeling of seeing live the diamonds' fire and the sparkle of the other precious stones, as well as checking directly the right size, and avoid later size changes, still Adorri® offers you the choice to order online from its stores offers.

To place an online order please follows the bellow steps:


  1. Select the preferred model and click "ADD TO CART";

  2. After filling-out the desired quantities in the Shopping List, click "ORDER";

  3. Fill the order form, press "SEND ORDER" and wait to receive the order confirmation;

  4. In 48 hours you will be contacted by one Adorri® sales-consultant to confirm the order acceptance or to discuss other details;

  5. The order and the delivery date will be confirmed once you will make the advance payment as per the sales-consultant's indications;

  6. The ordered jewelry will be than delivered at one of the closest Adorri® stores, where the final payment will be done too. Due to no insurance and security offered for jewelries by Romanian express or regular couriers, or regular post, Adorri® can not bear the responsibility for such delivery terms.