Rule #1: A diamond dazzles like nothing else.

If you ever imagined obtaining that "wow" reaction that takes her breath away, don't hesitate, buy and offer her diamond jewelries. You don't need to wait an occasion, make one! A diamond shows you care, is always in style and goes with everything. Simple or elaborate, a diamond makes any occasion special. Even more impressive, diamonds can induce extravagance, and you'll find a wide assortment of exceptional quality stones jewelries at Adorri® - whatever your budget, from shelves offer or based to order.

Rule #2: A diamond says she's the one.

Eternal love message! Love insurance! What else is the unique engagement symbol if not the solitaire diamond ring? With Adorri®, selecting an exquisite engagement ring couldn't be easier. From educating you about diamonds to helping you choose the perfect ring from our wide selection of diamonds ring styles, Adorri® will guide you in finding the right choice to make to get the Love insurance.

Buy with confidence from a Romanian industry leader who maintains the highest standards of quality and service. We'll take care of all the details including diamond electronic testing, quality certificate and grading report, leaving you to concentrate on choosing the right moment and the right words.

Rule #3: Mark the years in stone - Mark the child giving birth day with a diamond or other precious stones jewelry.

Always keep into your mind her anniversary date and remember that an anniversary ring is the hands-down sentimental favorite. Be ultimately and celebrate with a three-stone ring that sparkles with your past, present and future dreams or a classic one stone eternity ring, even exquisite with an endless circle of diamonds that shimmers forever.

Birth giving day of a new born child, the most desired sparkling jewel of God given to a love bonded couple, shouldn't be left unmarked with a sparkling diamond jewelry, may be a set of pendant - earrings and ring.

Rule #4: A diamond is a wish come true.

There is no better way to make someone feel special. Classic stud earrings are the perfect birthday present. For a touch of deco glamour, buy her bezel-set earrings. She'll love a solitaire pendant that she can tell everyone you chose just for her. For more ideas, see Adorri® collection offer.

Rule #5: Surprise her!

Jewelry's diamond conveys your feelings without having to say the words. Why wait for a birthday or anniversary? Show her how much she means to you with a ring of diamonds, a diamond pendant or a bracelet.

Rule #6: A diamond gets you out of the doghouse.

You made a wrong step and upset her? Adorri® is here for you. Diamond jewelry will put you back in her good graces for sure, is unmistakable. It may be the size to count. For such situations needs Adorri® will present you its selection of rings, earrings and pendants that are available on stock. There is no other brilliant rescue!

Rule #7: Size isn't the only thing that matters.

Don't forget this basic rule to understand diamonds. Two rings may each weigh one-carat, but one costs more. How is that? Go to the 4C's. Once you understand how these characteristics affect the price, you'll be able to compare the choices available in your price range.

Rule #8: Follow her lead.

Have high attention and look for her dreamed jewelry details. What kind of jewelry does she like? It may be contemporary, traditional or classic you are the only one to know. Does she prefer white gold or yellow, matte or shiny finishing? Has she gone on and on about her friend's recent diamonds set, or has she talked wistfully about another friend's elegant solitaire ring? Be attentive and you will know how to look for the right gift.

Rule #9: Ask for help.

If you don't know the necessary details to choose the right diamond jewelry gift for her, asking for help it's the easiest and short way. Check the trustworthy list of her friends or family to help you. A friend can ask questions that won't arouse any suspicion. Follow our suggestions for finding out her ring size or use the most traditional size check way - put her favorite ring onto you finger and come to the Adorri® stores with the remembered mark. And don't worry at Adorri® rings can be resized.

Rule #10: Get a second opinion.

Finally if you are still not sure, you can e-mail the image of the diamond jewelry selected from Adorri® wide offer to a friend for another opinion. Or as you are into an Adorri® store ask a sales consultant to wear it on her finger to better visualize it. Always a diamond jewelry looks much better on a finger than in the best merchandised shelves. But you can still tell her you picked it out by yourself. Adorri® gives you the best brilliant choice!

Buying an Adorri® Diamond Jewelry is Love Insurance

By simply hearing the word "diamond" most men get blocked and does not fully imagine the incredible effect over the other side , women's side.

Reasons can vary: from the false sensation that you have to invest a "fortune" up to, in some cases, the fear of the unknown field. Relax! Think that buying a diamond jewelry is more simple, much more interesting and with final effects more pleasant predictable than a football match. It's all about knowing the rules.

Adorri® will guide you to reach the desired effect of buying a jewelry diamond, so you can hit always the highest effect - Love insurance.